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And you can help us put Him in more!
We have put God back in public schools.

Who We Are

We thought up and are the sponsoring organization of the In God We Trust motor vehicle specialty license plate in Florida and your faith-based charitable donations received from purchases and renewals of the plate are used for God's work through this faith-based organization.

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The In God We Trust Foundation, Inc. is based in Tampa, Florida and works throughout God’s world. We are a 501(c)(3) public purposes charity run by purpose-driven people who believe life is about doing what God intends us to do. IGWT has a competent and skilled Board of Directors and uses a larger advisory council of knowledgeable groups in our subject areas to identify the most effective grant disbursements. We direct the faith-based donations we receive in a manner compatible with the faith-based donative intent of those supporting this organization.

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What We Do

We have put God back in public schools.

And you can help us put Him in more.

God in Schools - Our Primary Program Mission

Child carrying bible to school in a backpackWe teach students in public high schools across Florida the significance religion has played in American & Florida history. Where it all really came from. What the intent and practice of our founding father rely was. This program uses vetted well developed video and print materials which examine how faith played an extremely important part of the earliest Americans' societal motivations, significantly influenced every aspect of social and political structure, and was at the heart of many of the laws which governed early and American society to date. As opposed to the fanciful amoral construct presented across the board today, religion in fact played a vital role in everyday life and the political direction of the Colonies, the early United States, and American laws, morals, and life until perhaps only fifty years ago when that fact began to be hidden.

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Recent Grants & Allocations

Your faith based plate donations have enabled us to make highly effective grants and allocations to established 501(c)(3) organizations in our program areas such as those presented here.  


Advisory Council

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops
Florida Family Policy Counsel
Florida Police Benevolent Association
Florida coalition-children
Idlewild Baptist Church