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Florida U.S. Military Teens in England– January 2015

Therefore IGWT partnered with MCYM through a $20,000 grant to provide stability and continuity to teens living with their overseas military parents in England.  At each MCYM Program location, MCYM Field Staff and Volunteer Leaders engage in the following ecumenical activities to reach out to the teen-aged children of active duty U.S. military members:

  • Engage military teens in the church by running high-quality, ecumenical Chapel Youth Programs
  • Reach out to military teens outside the church through Club Beyond program activities such as:
  • Investing in the lives of teens by “hanging-out” to build authentic and meaningful friendships
  • Creating trust in relationships to facilitate mentoring and sharing Christ’s love unconditionally
  • Run weekly Club Beyond meetings: a fun, welcoming, and safe place with messages on-level for teens
  • Provide exciting activities such as game nights, ski trips, and outreach/adventure camping trips
  • Offer meaningful in-depth experiences through work-service projects and weekly Bible studies